SOC802 Ryerson University  Issues in War and Peace  Peter Wronski

What is America?  When did the U.S. become "American"?  What is Empire Lite? Who is Michael Ignatieff?
Why does George Bush cite the Magna Carta?   Why is George Kennan's name raised? 

Why Pax Americana? 


Pax Romana

Pax Britannica

 Westphalian State System

Treaty of Westphalia 1648
(Peace if Westphalia pax Westphalianna)

Dynastic Wars

Slave Wars

Corporate slave trading

tenants and slaves

feudal system

Magna Carta

Royal African Company (RAC)

South Seas Company 1711

Slave Constitutions

Free Labour Constitutions

American Civil War 1861-1865
620,000 killed - 2% of US population

Clash of southern traditional agrarian slave state civilization with Northern industrial free labour ideal civilization

Enlightenment on slavery

habeas corpus and slavery in England see:  Jonathan Strong Case (1767}

Regulation of warfare in favour of diplomacy over force

Geneva Convention
Hague Convention

Vienna Congress 1815
The "Congressional State System"

United States Foreign Policy
Mexican-American War
Spanish-American War
Admiral Perry
'Black Ships'

Japan China

Russian Revolution Feb 1917
Red  "Revolution" October1917 (Nov)

Paris Peace Conference 1919
"Treaty of Versailles"

Woodrow Wilson
[Fear of Communism/Sedition Act

Fourteen Points


American 'isolationism'

President Calvin Coolidge:  "The business of America is business..."

Great Depression
October 1929

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
(President 1932-1945)

The New Deal

Fascism - National Socialism


Wake Up America

Uncle Sam Wants You