Lecture 14 Key Terms  

Civil War  (Reconstruction 1865-1876)


Andrew Johnson

Radical Republicans

Moderate Republicans


Thirteenth Amendment    text

Alexander Stephens

Congressional Joint Committee on Reconstruction

William Pitt Fessenden

Thaddeus Stevens

Freedman’s Bureau Bill

Civil Rights Bill

Fourteenth Amendment  text

Reconstruction Act (1867)


Presidential elections  (1868)

President Ulysses S. Grant



Fifteenth Amendment   text


Southern Redemption

Jim Crow Laws

"separate but equal"

Theodore Roosevelt

Woodrow Wilson

The Great Migration

Bureau of Investigation

The Modern Wars:

Crimea  (1854-1856) 

American Civil War  (1861-1865) 

Austro-Prussian  (1866) 

Franco-Prussian  (1870-1871) 

Colonial Imperial Wars  (1880s-1900s) 

World War I   (1914-1918) 

World War II  (1939-1945)

The "Post-Modern" Wars 

Liberation Wars  (1950s-1970s)

Korea  (1950 – 1953) 

Vietnam (1959 – 1975) 

Iraq I      (1991)

Afghanistan (2001 - ?) 

Iraq II     (2003 -- ?)