Lecture 12 Key Terms
Civil War (1863 - 1864)  

Radical Republicans
(Radical Emancipationists)

Union Republicans
(Conservative Republicans)

Frank Blair


Overland Campaign

The Wilderness

Cold Harbor

Andersonville P.O.W. Camp

Henry Wirz

Richmond-Petersburg Campaign (Siege of Petersburg)

1864 Republican Party Convention

Third Resolution

Andrew Johnson

Chase Resignation

David Tod

William Pitt Fessenden

1864 Reconstruction Bill

pocket veto

Battle of Monocasy River

Battle of the Crater

Cold Mountain

Horace Greeley

“unconditional surrender”

“to whom it may concern” letter, or The Niagara Falls Declaration

Frederick Douglass

Charles Robinson letter

Lincoln's Three Conditions

War Democrats

Peace Democrats

1864 Democratic Party Convention

McClellan's Dilemma

Fall of Atlanta

Atlanta Refugees

November 8 Presidential Election 1864

Burning of Atlanta

Sherman's March
(March to the Sea or
Savannah Campaign)

St. Albans Raid

Lake Eire Raid

Johnson's Island

Rush-Bagot Treaty

Clifton House Niagara Falls

George T. Denison III

Rush Holme

Heydon Park

John Wilkes Booth

New York City Fire Plot